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Two articles cohabitation, is deceived is inevitable, therefore, we have to reward the text, test to history.
"Reward", the article is "reward". We read, is to appreciate, enjoy the rhetoric of good words, and try to put together from the line between the author's image. But this image is only for appreciation, if used for rigorous discussion, would be too rash. In the undivided heart and text before the text, this image is only our good expectations, not the author itself. At this point, the test of history is necessary. Historical records of the author's life, the evaluation of others is more direct than the existence of the article. As a saying goes: "Bear in the nest, how." The author in life, how, character is what.
Noble author, whether in life or the heart of the text are noble, then test to the history of a deeper analysis of his spiritual content, his articles and character more closely linked, it is useful and harmless of. And even if the encounter with the text, we can understand the reason, to make an objective evaluation. Forge in front of the historical data is nowhere to hide, rhetoric fame, deceived I, can not deceive BES.
But the article is not all; test to the history, history and text combined, the author's true clarity surfaced. With such an objective attitude to read ancient and modern works, we can really understand the author, get beyond the mere mention of the spirit of a piece of paper experience.

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