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A FOWLER caught a Partridge and was about to kill it. The Partridge earnestly begged him to spare his life, saying, "Pray, master, permit me to live and I will entice many Partridges to you in recompense for your mercy to me." The Fowler replied, "I shall now with less scruple take your life, because you are willing to save it at the cost of betraying your friends and relations."For feasts of love I have been called unto,

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2、�<p>Cube Jump is KetchApp's latest endless arcade game that resembles a sort-of Crossy Road in space.</p><p>You have to navigate a cube across a series of platforms without falling into the abyss.</p><p>There are smaller cubes dotted around and you'll unlock new characters if you collect enough of them.</p><p>Head on over to the App Store at the stroke of midnight to check out Cube Jump in all its bouncy glory.</p>

3、The Birds, the Beasts, and the Bat�


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