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<p>February is looking pretty good so far for mobile releases, and the upcoming digger, Digby Forever, is coming to iOS later this month.</p><p>As you could guess from the title, Digby Forever is an endless digger which has you carving up the ground, collecting all sorts of goodies, and avoiding some nasty - but also kinda cute - monsters.</p><p>Aside from the variety of monsters waiting to nosh on a limb or two, you'd best be wary of lava, lasers, and cave-ins as you dig further and further down. If you want to find your way out of such tricky situations, you can collect powerful ability cards which change up the gameplay.</p><p>There's a bunch of unlockables, cards, and explosions in this pocket-sized package, so get ready for Digby Forever's release on the 16th February on iOS.</p>.

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